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 Knightmare Frame Guidelines

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PostSubject: Knightmare Frame Guidelines   Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:58 pm

1.) Not everyone will beable to have a custom Knightmare built just for themselves. I mean, you don't see everyone in Code Geass runnig around in their own specific Knightmare, so we wanted to fix that. Only members with certain ranks will be allowed their own Knightmare's specifically for them, which be explained in more detail below.

2.) If you are one of those members who are allowed to create your own specific Knightmare, and make one in the knightmare creation area, you will need to go get it made before your allowed to use it. To have your Knightmare made, you need to Rp the designing and construction part of it out with an actual member from any of the Research and Development teams. There will be a designated place for this in the In Character section of the forum.

3.) Well you all know that Code Geass is still currently airing and because of this, new weapons, knightmare, etc. will still be showing up in episodes. In order to make it fair to all the members and to prevent any problems in the future, all weapons shown from here-on-out will most likely not be permitted to use, along with some current weapons. Some of the current weapon's include the Shinkirō's Fortress Class defense MSV particle shields and the Shenhu's Baryon Cannon. There will be a more detailed list at the bottom of the page, and it will be added with restricted weapon's as the series goes on.

4.) Even though not all members will be able to have their own custom Knightmare, other members, including me, might decide to made Custom Mass Production Knightmares. If that happens, anyone within the same faction, Black Knights or Britannia, as the creator will beable to use said Knightmare, unless stated otherwise by the creator.

This next section is a list of all the ranks that can make their own custom Knightmare specifically for them. Any ranks below these may not have their own custom Knightmare unless stated otherwise.
Black Knights:
-The Leader(Zero)
-Supreme commander of military forces
-Second-in command
-Special Operations Unit

Britannian Empire:
-1st-3rd Princes' and Princesses' (If they pilot a Knightmare Frame)
-Knights of Round

Any weapon's or equipment listed under here is currently not allowed to be used until further notice from the Staff.
Restricted/Banned Weapons and Equipment for Knightmares:
-the Shinkirō's Fortress Class defense MSV particle shields
-the Shenhu's Baryon Cannon
-Any weapon's or Equipment shown in the future

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.
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Knightmare Frame Guidelines
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