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 Jin Akamatsu (WIP)

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Jin Akamatsu

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PostSubject: Jin Akamatsu (WIP)   Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:55 pm

General Information
Name: Jin Akamatsu


Age: 20

Gender: Male

Looks: Jin has hazel/green eyes. His hair is black, short, and kinda wavy. The length of his hair is 2.5 cm. He weighs in at 160lbs, and stands at 5'9". His build is seen as athletic.

He has no scars, but he has a tattoo of a crow on his back. It's wingspan is from his right shoulder to his left. It runs down the back of his neck, to the small of his back. It has been finished, mostly. All that's left is a few touch ups.

He can often be seen in his military uniform. However, he also wears civilian clothes from time to time. His civilian outfit is usually a black T-shirt, A black hoodie, black pants, and his black military boots. He generally keeps the time with his phone, so no watch. His phone is an android. He got a matte black skin for it recently.

Personality: Jin is the type of person you don't want to fight by himself. When his team members are around, he'll act nice and go easy on you. However, once you get him on his own, the fangs come out. Jin is generally a nice guy to his friends. He absolutely hates Britanians.

Jin loves the color red. He watches a lot of anime, and is very knowledgeable on the more popular ones. Jin is also the type that would rather die than be taken captive by the other side. He has a take no prisoners policy as well. Just try to stay on his good side, and won't be no problems.

Catch Phrase: "Dead Center."

Rank Information:
Rank: Soldier
Birth Nation: Japan (now Area 11)

Background Information (Here is where you will give the complete history of your character. If you can please put it into Arc's. Starting from Birth Arc)

RP Sample:(Give us a brief RP sample of your original work)
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Jin Akamatsu (WIP)
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