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 Bill B. Fenette

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PostSubject: Bill B. Fenette   Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:13 pm

Name:Bill B. Fenette
Birthplace:Chinese Federation Territories(Vietnam)
Lived in:a palace(Ho Chi Minh Palace of Vietnam)which was given to him after his father's death.
Nationality: Vietnamese, Laotian, Britannian, and Japanese
Job/Occupation:Student,2nd Emperor of the Chinese Federation Empire and Vietnam Empire,a Knightmare Pilot
Appearance:tall,handsome,black hair, military commanding officer suit with a tie,wore a Non-La hat with a South Vietnam Flag,a cover to hide half of his broken face and his mysterious power,cape of the South Vietnam Flag with 2 curves on his shoulders,white-tanish skin with Viet-Lao-Jap looking face, and a Ashford student uniform(when he is in school)
Special characteristic:Possess a power called Geass Blocker(which can block any person from being in the power of geass)
Personality:Kind-Hearted,loving brother,intelligent,and a great Emperor
Knightmare Frame:Wing Nguc Anh-MKlll G1 (Flying mode and Driving Form)
Relationships:Mother:Shirley's mother(adopted-mother),his real mother(1st Emperor's wife)
Father:Joseph Fenette(adopted-father),his real father(the 1st Emperor of the Chinese Federation Empire & Vietnam Empire)
Sisters:Shirley Fenette(adopted-sister),Sana Kurata(although she is Japanese,but she is consider Vietnamese.Sana was adopted when her real parents were killed by the Britannians. She escape Japan by a raft which drifted her all the way from Japan to Vietnam. Sana was later found by the Emporer of Vietnam and the Chinese Federation at Nha Trang(which was later occupied by Britannia). She is Bill's 2nd sister and 2nd daughter of the 1st Emperor. Her Vietnamese name is Sana K. Truong. She is also a knightmare pilot military officer of Viet-Lao(both trained as Vietnamese and Laotian soldier),and a student at Ashford Academy. Sana sometimes doesn't pilot the knightmare but protects Mimi from harm. Her chose weapon is an upgraded Arisaka rifle and a Britannian handgun. When Bill is in his office, Sana plays her bamboo flute to make Bill more comfort while he is doing his paper work,Liv Bui(a.k.a Liv Troung. 1st sister of Bill and 1st daughter of the 1st Emperor. She is a nice-sweet girl and love Bill very much. Her chose weapon is an upgraded AK-74 with ACOG scope and,like Sana, a Britannian handgun. Liv is also a good house keeper in the Truong Family. She is always helping his beloved brother in battle. Liv is also a knightmare pilot, military officer of Vietnam, and a student at Ashford Academy,Mimi Truong(3rd sister of Bill and 3rd daughter of the 1st Emperor. She is one of the youngest in Bill's family. She is a kind-hearted,loving little sister that her family could love and friend of Empress Tianzi. She also take Bill's place as Empress of Vietnam and does her brother's work when he is not in his office. As the youngest in the family, Bill, Sana, Shirley, and Liv must take care of her and treat her very well. Mimi likes to hang out with her older brother and 2nd older sister,but not around Liv(She sometimes hang out with her).Even though she is only 10 years olds, she cannot hold any weapons(that includes Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Rifles or Magnums),but can use handguns like the Britannia handgun.
Biography: Son of the 1st Emperor and Empress of the Chinese Federation Empire and Vietnam Empire(Which the Emperor speaks Vietnamese only, Laotian, and Cambodian and the Empress speaks Chinese, Vietnamese only, Korean, Thai, and Japanese. His father rule all of the Chinese Federation Empire and Southeast Asian Territories, including Vietnam(except for the territories of Hue to Nha Trang),Laos,part of Cambodia,the Philippines,Thailand,Singapore,and etc. When Bill was 9 and his sisters was 8,7 and 6,His father and mother were kill when one of his father's soldier betrayed them and shot his father and mother and left him and his 3 sisters alone. As the only son in the family, he stay in the Ho Chi Minh Palace and he became the 2nd Emperor while his 3 sisters lived with the Truong Family(Bill's mother's family). At the age of 10, he was later adopted by the Fenette Family at the Britannian Territories in Narita City, Japan. Bill meet his 4th sister,Shirley Fenette. He and Shirley really like each other. About 5 year later when Bill left to Laos, Bill later came to China to ask Empress Tianzi(Ruler of the Chinese Federation, who also stay at her palace all day) to make him the Emperor of the Chinese Feration Empire. Bill gave her his father's will. After she read it,she will make him emperor,but promise to tell his 3rd sister,Mimi Truong,to come & chat with her because of her loneliness. Bill made a promise. Then his wish was granted,Bill later became the 2nd Emperor of the Chinese Ferderation & Vietnam. Now he & Tianzi rule all of the Vietnam and the Chinese Federation Empire.

On August 1, 2017, Bill went to Ashford Academy as a student. There, he made lots of friends including his 3 sisters(except Mimi). When he joined the school, he saw Lelouch and Suzaku, his best friends. Lelouch welcomed him to the school and said that he and Suzaku hadn't seen him for a long time. Then, he met the gang of Ashford Academy, Kallen, Nina, Rivals, Milly,Shirley, Liv,and Sana. When Milly asked him if he wanted to join the gang, he accepted to join the Ashford Gang and became a member. At night, Lelouch planned a surprise for Nunally. Lelouch quietly told Bill to come out. Bill wave "Hi" to Saiyako, the maid. He came to Nunally and let her feel his right hand. When she found out that it was Bill, tears came down and said that she misses him for a long time. At dinner time, Nunally said that he is related to Shirley, Sana,and Liv. Then, he said "Yes." Nunally wanted to know about Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Bill told her about the country and how the government has change. He also told her that he was born in Vietnam and that he and his 3 sisters(except for Shirley) was left alone when his parents were murdered. She felt sorry for him and his sisters. He told her not to worry about it and that he will try to go on with life. When Bill was eating,his cell phone rang and he answered. When he answered, a mysterious voice began talking to him on Mimi's cell phone and said with a Laotian accent"I've got your younger sister as my prisoner, if you want her back meet me at the Britannian Territories in Da Nang." Then, he knew who took Mimi as prisoner.

When Bill went back to Vietnam to rescue his little sister,he had to prepare his troops to go and find her in Da Nang. He took his Knightmare, Winged Nguc Anh Mklll G1, in Driving Mode. While at the Da Nang Border Gate, he saw the traitor who have murder his parent, Minh Ho Nguyen, in his own Knightmare Frame, the Burai Kai MXVlll. There were Knightmare guards( Who were also trained NVA and VC soldiers) guarding the old Da Nang prison. So, Bill made diversion to distract the guard. But his plan began to backfire. The alarm went on and Minh's men attacking them. Well, Bill's and Minh's Knightmare are invincible(which means that no Knightmare can scratch, destroy, or penetrate their Knightmare).Minh found a weak point in Bill's Knightmare and defeated him. When Minh defeated him, he was injured badly and Minh shot him in his right eye. Mimi heard the gunshot and tears fell from her face. When the NVA troops came, he order his men to retreat and leaving Bill in agony of his shot eye. When one of the soldier rescued Mimi, she came to her beloved big brother who was losing blood from his eye. Everyone wanted him to stay alive, but of the pain, he scream loud in pain that Liv felt scared and she too became sad because of Bill's injury.He was later taken back to Ho Chi Minh Hospital. Back at Ashford Academy, everyone heard what happen to him on the news, Shirley felt terrified and began to cry because she was scared that she might lose him. However, Nunally heard what happen to him and felt terrified, too. When Bill finally woke up, his head hurts real badly and saw what had happen to him. When the doctor came in, he explain that since he is losing too much blood, they have to rebuild your body with mechanic, robotic part and gave him a power that Vietnam have never been possess of, Geass Blocker. He said that this power can block anybody from being in the power of Geass( which means that he can use this power by using it on a person when he or she is not in the power of Geass). Geass Blocker is another form of Geass Canceler but use in different varieties. Once he or she is in the power of Geass Blocker, if he or she use Geass on that person, they are blocked from being in the power of Geass. After hearing many information about Geass Blocker, his memory files in his head began storing the information and he began to smile and laugh crazily.

After Bill was released from the hospital, he was dressed as a mysterious Vietnamese person. He walked to his limo and came back to the palace. When one of the guards yell, "The Emperor is back." The 3 sisters came to him and hug him. He stop them, walked back to his office, and went back to work. The sisters wonder that this is not the Bill that they used to love. Sana came to him and said, "Are you feeling and better dear brother." " I'm fine," said Bill with his robotic voice,"now leave me alone so I can get some work done." Sana, Liv, and Mimi was shocked when they heard Bill's voice. Liv replied, "Bill, what happen to your voice." Bill said, "The doctor had to put a new voice since I can't talk really loud." "Big brother sounds scary," cried Mimi, this is all my fault." "It's not your fault, Mimi,"said Bill while comforting her,"don't worry, I won't sound scary and you will get used to know my new voice, ok." Bill kissed Mimi on the cheek. "C'mon Mimi, let's eat dinner with me and Sana while Bill finish his work, said Liv, "I made your favorite." Mimi ran to Liv and walked with her and Sana to the dining room.
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Bill B. Fenette
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