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 Tohdoh Sakejunoh

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PostSubject: Tohdoh Sakejunoh   Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:03 am

Name: Tohdoh Sakejunoh

Age: 15

Birthplace: Area 11/ Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Faction: Order of the Black Knights

Job/Occupation: Order of the Black Knights soldier

Training and Experience: Knightmare piloting and using a gun under extreme circumstances. (Read below)

Gender: Male

Tall, Blond hair, Black uniform.

Special Features: Golden Eyes, and incredibly intelligent, well a genius.

Personality: He is a kind person who just wants to help people. When put under pressure he can do major feats, though sometimes violent.He has a genius level IQ and such tries to see the world in a logical manner, he show's emotion even in battle but tries not to.

Knightmare Frame: 10R Burai ( if accepted)

Biography: Having been born during the invasion of Japan, his family did not want him to live as a slave so they lived on the run. 5 years after he was born he's family was found and they were all murdered by a Britannian soldier in a Glasglow. The soldier thought it would be fun to kill him last. Tohdoh was afraid so he grabbed the soldiers gun and shot him. He later jumped into the Glasglow and ran away he kep it as a escape vehicle for a couple of years until the day he was captured in his sleep near the Tokyo Settlement. The Britannian Empire put him on trial for murder. He was sent to jail for a year then he would die. At that time he was only 12, in the jail he fell in love with a girl named Yuriko, who also had a genius level IQ, he thought that it would be okay, until they took her away. He sunk into a depression and wantd to die. Then the Black Knights broke all the inmates out of the jail. And the rest is to be continued.

Role-play sample: Tohdoh had just finished eating his hot dog when he was sent his orders. Ding went his phone as the message arrived. He read it and frowned "I'm being sent to the bsck lines at the battle of Fuji, how will I ever get a custom knightmare if they don't let me prove myself?"
He was already down the hall when he started running toward the docking bay. He then proceded get into his kightmare a normal 10R Burai.
"Well it's now or never" were his last words before he launched off.
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Tohdoh Sakejunoh
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