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PostSubject: Rules   Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:38 pm

The following are the rules to this forum. If you break any of them then you may be punished by a staff member as we see them carefully.

General rules:

1.) Only one account per person and one character per account, unless stated otherwise by an administrator.

2.) You must type in character(IC) at all times in the IC boards. If you want to say something out of character though(OOC) then you must say in brackets, [OOC: *your out of character statement here*]

3.) You may not post anything sexually pornographic or explicit. This will result in an automatic permanent ban without warning. And try to keep things PG-13, or put a warning on the topic.

4.) No godmodding or controlling others characters. Example: You may post, "Bob: kicks Steve in the shin," ...but you may NOT post, "Bob: kicks Steve in the shin and Steve doubles over, crying like a little girl." Everyone has control over their own character, but no one else's.

5.) Use correct grammar and punctuation. And no run-ons either. It's rly hard to understant whem u tak like this see wut i meen it can be hrd to reed wut iam sayin so use the rite grammar nd puncuaton plis.

6.) No all powerful or all knowing characters. Like no characters that know everything or that don't get hit while fighting, whether it's in a knightmare or not. Every character gets hit at one point while fighting.

7.) Try and avoid to be in too many topic's at once. You should try and only be in from one to two topic's at a time.

8.) Please respect other members, mods. and Admins. Do not say anything that would be raciest or offensive in any other way against someone else, for it will result in immediate ban or some other form of punishment.

9.) Avatars and signatures can't be too big. If they are, they will mess up the page. For now I won't post specific sizes, but if either avatar or signature stretch out the page, then a staff member will ask you to resize, change, or delete it. If it is not dealt with within a reasonable amount of time, then it will be deleted.

10.) Your character application (or Character Sheet, as you may hear it be called sometimes) MUST be approved before you can roleplay IC. And if you want a custom knightmare or geass, then they must also be approved by a member of staff as well before you use them.

11.) The staff members get the final say. No arguments. We try our best to be fair, so if you have a complaint or anything, PM a staff member and we will try to resolve it to the best of our abilities.

12.) Please don't argue in the chatbox or in topics. I know sometimes it's unavoidable, but if you feel that you have to settle an argument, please do it through PM, where other members don't have to put up with it. And follow rule number 8 while you're at it. And don't continuously PM someone if they ask you to stop. This will be considered harassment if they tell a staff member.

13.) Don't kill another person's character without their permission, or your character may end up being killed and remember, though this is a fictional RP site, a character's death will still be permanent.

14.) I probably don't need to even post this but, no spamming anywhere but in the appropriate forum for it. Including PMs and the chatbox.

15.) While IC (in character) then please don't post any one-liners. It's really annoying to the person who posts a long and descriptive post and the only reply that someone posts is, "Scipio nods in agreement." It also makes the topic get boring, really fast. The only time one-liners might be allowed is in combat or something, say you're fighting one other person in a knightmare battle. It can be hard to write a lot when all you do it maybe dodge a few shots and attack, then wait for their post. I've been roleplaying on forums where the limit to the amount of characters in each post was 500 then changed to 1000, so all I'm asking is that you post at least a small paragraph. Maybe 100-200 characters minimum.

16.) Your character can't resemble a character from the anime too much. No cannon characters please.

17.) Don't not double post. There is an edit button in the top, right corner of every post. Its there for a reason, so if you ever need to change anything in a post, please remember rule #17 and use the edit button.

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